Is your office clean?This time to make changes in your Office

We talk a lot about office clean, but we don’t like to throw out over-flowing trash bin with our own hands. Should it be named  laziness? Maintaining clean and clutter-free office environment is never easy, it takes efforts and time, just like any other. But with little support and aid, your company can reflect the spotless image in no time.These tips will definitely help:

Why is cleanliness important in office?

Many would have certainly asked that why this “cleaning” thing is such a big deal. Apart from health benefit, don’t forget that cleanliness factor plays a huge role in the company image. Which client would be happy to make a deal where he can see only dirty dishes or messy desk spaces? A dirty office is simply an image of disorganization and unprofessionalism.

So how to make them listen and follow?

Use facts and figures like “A research by Daily Mail suggested that office workers come in contact with an average 10 million bacteria in one day. And 40 to 60% workers and visitors are infected after touching the objects in the office”. Does this strike something?

How to let everyone know that we have cleaning supplies?

Keep things like paper towels, napkins, sanitizer, wipes, trash bins, everything “visible”. All the areas like kitchen, desks, bathrooms, meeting rooms, should be stashed with things that can come to immediate assistance in cleaning. So that anyone can use it immediately, without wasting time in searching for it.

This seems boring!

There would be times when your staff would try to escape from this duty. They might feel boring to clean something just for the sake of keeping surrounding healthy and neat. In such case, tie the cleanliness habit to the safety issue. A simple trick: let every member have something to share photos, talks, or anything on cleaning benefits, facts, cleaning hacks, new ideas, tips, etc. daily.

We have cleaners, why staff should take up cleaning habit?

You may have professionals or daily workers to clean your office, but they do the “end of the day” job. They’ll not run with soap and disinfectant every time someone uses the bathroom or uses the printer. Moreover, maintaining a clean desk will make them feel fresh, stress-free and organized. So, it’s a team effort!

How to get others in the “cleaning” loop?

All the people in the office are well aware of the benefits of clean and clutter-free office. But no one follows it, why? Because they simply hear and not listen! The idea is to share the knowledge in terms of numbers and facts rather than slogans or boring speeches.

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